Quite simple, we provide freshly prepared, nutritious meals and design our bespoke menus around the needs of our clients and customers – it’s simple…

Fresh Food


Our menus place fresh, great quality ingredients at their centre. Our chefs work for us as we believe in ingredient focused cooking which allows  them the freedom to show off their craft skills.  Everything we make is freshly produced at each of our locations: from slow-roasted leg of lamb with British mint to Asian inspired Bibimbap with smoked duck and Kimchi.

Our company is full of chefs and food fanatics.  We cannot help discussing menus and recipes and new ways of working, sending photographs of our suppers and meeting up for food workshops to share experience, knowledge and a general love of food and what it offers.



We believe that delicious and nutritious food plays a huge part in wellbeing and this in turn leads to a happy and productive people.

Julia Hayes is our in-house health and wellbeing expert.  She does a fantastic job of instilling enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle in our chefs, managers and customers. She supports the catering teams at each location by putting together workshops for customers and pupils as well as training for Thomas Franks’ staff.

“We all spend a large proportion of our lives either at work or at school and consume a third of our daily calories when we are there, so the quality of the food has a big impact on our health and wellbeing.”

Julia Hayes, Nutritionist

“As a business, we strongly believe that by concentrating on the nutritional aspects of food and providing healthy informed options, we can help to make improvements on dietary habits at home as well.”

Julia Hayes, Nutritionist