During this uncertain time, everyone in the Thomas Franks family is helping out where they can. On Sunday, our Client Relationship Manager, Blain Shepherd cooked Sunday lunch for 30 elderly residents near his home in Bedworth.

Blain provided meals for people who are self-isolating and living on their own. Two of the ladies who received a meal have recently lost their husbands due to the virus, which really struck a nerve. This reminded us how vulnerable we all are at this time and the importance of community.

They chose from a chicken, beef or vegetarian Sunday roast dinner with all the trimmings. The food was cooked fresh by Blain on Saturday and Sunday, chilled down, boxed, sealed and labelled. With the help of Blain’s family, they delivered these meals to their doorsteps.

Blain told us, that ‘It was the least I could do; it was a small gesture to brighten up these dark times. We don’t know how long we’ll be in this lockdown, which may cause additional concern for those that cannot get the support nearby.’