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Thomas Franks fighting spirit in the snow

Mar 02

There have been some simply spectacular efforts put in by our teams this last few days where GA’s have put up service on their own as chefs have been stranded.

This is a little shout out and thank you to the individuals that have gone the extra mile for their clients, we know there will be more of you so please let us know your story.

“A huge shout out to Ross Denslow at Shiplake college who has kept all services intact at Shiplake.  We are only feeding 16 overseas students, but his initiative and commitment has been outstanding.”

“Bethany Bidwell at Dematic who has made it into Dematic today to provide service for all those onsite.”

“A big thanks to steve michell who has come into work on his day off to deliver service at Denman College as others could get in.”

“Marcus and Afonso in a make shift tent braving the big freeze and cooking for 500 plus we did an open event for 250 in fact the entire Streatham & Clapham catering team just happy to serve. hats off to the team and the spirit.”

“Leah, Anthony & Jade have all braved it into Begbroke to provide a fantastic service.”

“Big thank you to Ben who is going back to Perkin Elmer to support Debbie as she was the only one able to get in and is cooking breakfast.”

“Kaz our Catering assistant at Neopost had no chef earlier in the week and put up service on her own whilst making coffees and doing the till. The client was so impressed he is rewarding her with a high street voucher.”

“Julia our wonderful chef manager at Cumnor boys has walked for 2 hours to get in on Tuesday.”

“Neil (chef manager) at Delonghi is currently on his own as his agency has not turned up and his catering assistants cant get there. He stayed over last night rather than going home as he knew he wouldn’t get in today. He is totally unphased by this, has food on the counters and all is well at Delonghi.”

“The whole team at both Travis Perkins locations have made it in to work despite the locations having heavily reduced headcounts. It is only due to the clients making the decision that the facilities are closing early. Joanne White the Chef Manager took 2 hours to get to work this morning and even in a 4×4 found it a real challenge. The spirit and determination all of the teams are showing is truly amazing. Being new to the company it shows the team spirit all of our employees have. It’s a real pleasure to see.”

“I also can’t go without mentioning Angela Marnell and the team at TP2. Ali Akmol attending a night service by himself to ensure the customers had a meal. By the sound of it his journey was unsafe which we will review with him but again commitment to his role is apparent.”

“Giles Burton and his team at Dulwich Prep London currently working with a dishwasher in a PKL Unit with frozen pipes and thus no water. Unfortunately, one of our Chefs, Anne Raper decided to walk to work rather than drive and sadly fell over and broke her wrist – our thoughts and best wishes have been sent to Anne. The school has remained open and they have fed the whole the School without any menu changes thus far…”

“Shiplake – Suzanne and her team have done a sterling job keeping the pupils and boarders fed as per her e-mail again without the best of water supplies!”

“Tracey Stevens at Long Close School who came in at 5am to decorate for her Harry Potter theme day , however the School then decide to close!”

“I would like to commend the team at Asda, Mike the Manger who was stuck on M62 in the snow and he coordinated his team from his car.”

“A special mention to Lyndsay Parkinson and Margaret Gagan who not only got to work they cooked breakfast for the customers at Asda. Lyndsay abandoned her car and walked the rest of the way into work.”

Thank you all for your inspiring efforts #whatwedo