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Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Nutrition is such an important part of our business and as such we have a dedicated health & wellbeing expert to advise clients, customers and our entire team to ensure that we offer healthy, balanced meals.

Health & Wellbeing Expert

Julia Hayes is our in-house health & wellbeing expert, she does a fantastic job of instilling enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle in our chefs, managers and customers. She supports the catering teams at each location by putting together workshops for customers and pupils as well as training for Thomas Franks staff.

Julia is a member of the Association for Nutrition, the Nutrition Society and is registered with the UKVRN.

Healthy Lifestyle

We all spend a large proportion of our lives either at work or at school and consume a third of our daily calories when we are there, so the quality of the food has a big impact on our health and wellbeing.

As a business, we strongly believe that by concentrating on the nutritional aspects of food and providing healthy informed options, we can help to make improvements on dietary habits at home as well.

Healthy Eating in Independent Schools

Children aged 5-7 years needs lots of energy to support their growth and activity levels, as well as a diet packed full of vitamins and minerals to ensure they remain healthy. To support these needs, it is important that children eat regularly from a varied selection of healthy foods. By basing meals and snacks on starchy carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and low fat dairy foods, our menus will ensure children have plenty of energy to meet their needs and they will also benefit from the essential nutrients present in these healthy foods.

North Bridge House Prep School

Children aged 8-11 years have increasing requirements for energy to support their growth and activity levels, particularly if they are involved in playing sport. It has been estimated that an active 11 year old girl (doing an average of two hours vigorous activity per day) has a higher daily energy requirement than an average adult woman. The requirements for an active 11 year old boy are estimated to be around 90% of the average adult man. It is therefore extremely important that children of this age are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits, involving three meals a day with some nutritious snacks in between meals.

St hilary’s School

As children become teenagers, their bodies undergo a period of accelerated growth and so it is extremely important to support this rapid growth with a healthy balanced diet. However, the teenage years are also a time when young people want to be more independent and in control of what they eat. This means it is quite common for nutritional problems to develop. Teenagers often skip meals (particularly breakfast) and prefer to graze throughout the day on snack foods instead. This can mean that they are missing out on the vital nutrients required for their growth and development and instead, the increased fat, sugar and salt consumed can lead to weight problems and imbalances in blood sugar, causing mood swings and tiredness.

Queen Anne’s School