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A bit about Belinda

Belinda trained with Johnson & Wales University Florida via the University of Technology Jamaica. Then at University of West London FDA International Culinary Arts.

She worked in restaurants and events catering in Jamaica and then at the British Airways World Headquarters with Restaurant Associates in the UK,  winning 9 medals at Wessex Salon Culinaire and Craft Guild of Chefs Competitions.

Belinda also spent a year working with London Borough of Hillingdon helping to roll out  their School Food Revolution programme and running a community cookery school funded by the gov teaching local families how to cook and eat well on a low income.

Belinda joined the TF family in 2012 and has been developing healthier menus and recipes for the Cognita group and helping children to make healthy food choices. Belinda is fantastic in finding new ways to get pupils excited about food

“I like baking at home as I like try new ways of making favourites a bit healthier and just as tasty. Ie. sweet potato brownies etc. I also like cooking foods from far flung places. Those recipes tend to use unique spices and lots of veg for extra flavour. Instead of the traditional restaurant foods that tend to be heavy with butter or cream.” 

Love your bones

A part of our body that often gets taken for granted, our skeleton is made up of 206 bones containing millions of living bone cells that are constantly being recycled and renewed (1). Bones are made up of a protein matrix filled with calcium and other minerals which give bone its hard structure. The average adult skeleton contains 1.2kg of calcium.

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E.S Hulse and Sons

E S Hulse & Son was est 1963 by Edwin & Pamela Hulse.

Eddie after a very hard & poor up bringing, started out as a salesman, then moved into accounts in Covent Garden Market.

It is here he met Pamela who was from a greengrocery back ground, used to travel with her father to Covent Garden Market from Redbourn in Hertfordshire, in the earlier days by horse & cart!

Some of their local produce

  • Watercress from Keith & Karen Hitchings who run Broadchalke farm a family run business since 1991.
  • Rhubarb from E. Oldroyd & Sons Ltd in Rothwell, a family run business in there fifth generation of family growers.
  • Lettuce, potatoes, beetroot & leeks from G’s Fresh, the Shropshire Group is a family business founded in 1952 by Guy Shropshire & now run by his eldest son John Shropshire.

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